Study in UK / Masters in Canada

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4 Reasons to study in Canada

  • Z2,3Years Post Study Work Permit.
  • ZConsistently ranks as the best country for quality of life.
  • ZHigh Rank Universities & scholarship options.
  • ZPoint based permanent residency program.

Best courses in Canada

  • Computers, IT, Data Science, Cyber Security.
  • Construction, Civil, Architecture, Infra.
  • Management, MBA, IB, Marketing, Accounting
  • Life Sciences, Pharma, Clinical Sciences.

Popular degrees in Canada

MS, BS, Diplomas, MBA

Intakes Canada

Sep | Jan | (Apr/ May) (limited)

Study in Canada process

  • Select a university(s) and course.
  • Take IELTS, PTE
  • Get offer letters.
  • Accept them and pay the required fee.
  • GIC & Financial Documentation.
  • Pay Visa fee
  • Head to study in Canada

Study in UK / Masters in Canada downloads

Sample SOP, Sample LORs.

Top universities in Canada

  • University of Toronto.
  • The university of British Columbia.
  • Mc.Gill University.
  • University of Alberta.
  • University of Waterloo.

Our students are studying at!!

What is the monthly expenditure?

  • Accommodation approx. 250 CAD.
  • Groceries Clothing approx. 250 CAD
  • International Calling cards: approx. 15 CAD
  • Travelling expenses : approx. 100 CAD
  • Other expenses: approx. 100 CAD.
  • Total: 715 CAD.

How many years can I stay?

With a student visa up to 5 Years, ask us how?

Canada in numbers

  • ^Population: 38,005,238.
  • ^GDP: $1.971 trillion.
  • ^Calling code :+1.
  • ^Human development index Rank:13.
  • ^Per Capita income : $47,931.

Job market in Canada

Sectors: Information Technology, Mining & Logging, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Warehousing, Financial Activities, Professional & business services, Private Education & health services, leisure and hospitality, Government, Packaging.

Eligibility test training for Canada.

IELTS, PTE Academic, GRE, and GMAT

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Study in Canada FAQs

Can I work during my studies in the Canada?
You can work 20 hours per week legally during ongoing studies and full time during vacations.
Can I study in the Canada without taking IELTS?
You may not as many universities expect the students to clear the language test.
After getting visa, how many days in advance can I go to Canada?
After getting a visa students can fly to Australia before 1 month of starting date of university.
How much is Canada Visa fee ?
for international students, it costs 150 CAD.
Is it good study in Urban or regional areas of Canada?
It all depends on your choice, visit us we shall explain to you the merits and demerits of both.
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Our students are studying at following universities of Canada. Franshwe College of Motreal, Mc.Gill university, university of Alberta, University of Windsor, Centennial College, Conestoga College and many more.


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