Canada sample SOP

Statement of purpose

To Dated:-_______
The Visa Officer
Canadian High Commission, Hyderabad.

Subject: Application for my Study Permit

Dear Sir/Madam,

A fascination for Science & Technology and keen interest in the ever-growing world of technology motivated me to take up graduation course in Computer Science Technology – Software Testing. I have grown up observing every intricate detail of things around me. As I grew up, I began to wonder how certain things worked just with a couple of keys on the keyboard. I was curious about wanting to know just why they worked and what else they could do.The fact thatcomputers have considerably changed the lives of human beings cannot be denied, I can sense that there are still tremendous developments to come in this field. So, it was natural for me to choose Computer Science as my stream, and now, as I have completed my undergraduate studies, it is my central goal to continue my education in a more competitive, elite, and international environment.

Being academically good throughout school with a special interest in mathematics and science subjects, I was strongly determined to pursue my under-graduation in science stream with Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics as my subjectsin order to achieve my goal of becoming a Software Professional. During my undergraduate studies, I found subjects such as Database Management Systems, Object Oriented Programming, Software Engineering, Operating System, Data structure, Programming in C, C++, Java, SQL and computer networking were completely engrossing and they gave me a good foundation on the core concepts of software and enabled me to acquire significant knowledge on various aspects of technology.The combination of excellent faculty and the availability of resources have provided me with a wide range of practical knowledge and skills that will be immensely useful when studying overseas at the graduate level.

As an active participant of the class I always took initiative in participating in various events during which I participated in an “Android app challenge” conducted by NADC India in collaboration with IIT Madras which was based on Programming and Web services technology. I used the technical skills I had learnt over the previous semesters as well as research into various national and international publications to develop an application that is innovative and useful. During the sixth semester I was fortunate to be chosen to assist my faculty for a “National Workshop on Developing Digital Libraries using DSpace 5.2” which was an important step towards achieving Digitalization of various libraries across the nation by our university.
Having a huge interest in learning new concepts related to computers and their software, I have attended several seminars and conferences on various topics of interest such as recent trends in information science and cloud computing. This has added to my knowledge of the latest technological up-gradations and research topics, where I came across a course called “software testing,” which motivated me to learn more things about it and to pursue my career in it.

Upon graduating, I was offered a job by two reputed companies each, “(Company 1) and (Company2 )” but I had to let go them and choose another job in( Company Name/ Employer Name) because the job role here was software testing which is my area of interest. My responsibilities here included performing quality checks and software testing and working in this company gave me hands-on experience in software testing. My work at office often involved team worksthat brought with them the opportunity to work and interact with various kinds of people, where I discovered myself to be a good team worker and a potential leader. This was a distinctively satisfying experience for me, which I feel would stand in good stead in the future. After completion of 3 years in this company in order to upgrade my career in the competitive IT field and also with a keen interest in learning new methods of software testing I have decided to pursue a post-graduate course of International standards

I feel that graduate study at “(College/University name)“ and in a country like Canada will be the most logical extension of my academic pursuits and a major step towards achieving my said objectives. The choice of a good institution with a faculty dedicated to teaching and an atmosphere helpful in learning becomes extremely necessary. My perusal of the website of ( college/ university)convinces me that I am tapping the right place as it fulfills all my requirements of an excellently packaged course with required facilities, suitable curricula, and the most important aspect of practical training opportunities. I came to know that ( college/ university)is a diversified college/ university in Canada with students of different nationalities. So, The graduate program from this college will help me in my personal growth as well as to master my professional skills because I get to interact with students from all over the world.

A country which is known for its high standards of the education system with diverse and peaceful culture has motivated me to choose Canada and seek admission in college name. Studying in an organization of such high repute will be a privilege and would give me the opportunity to have a highly knowledgeable experience to see how research is carried out abroad, an opportunity of which I have been so far deprived of. In conclusion, I would be grateful to you if I am given an opportunity to pursue my Post-Graduate studies in your country because it would be a wonderful opportunity to lay a strong foundation for my career.

Financial aid:-

1. I paid my 1st-year fees, the fee paid by you in CAD

Language abilities:-

I scored x Bands (L -X, S –X, W –X, R –X) in IELTS which is enough for admission in College name for post-graduation program.

I hope the above-mentioned information clarifies the concerns regarding my application and thank you for taking the time to go through my appeal

Your name


Above information is only for reference/ sample we don’t take any responsibility for the decisions of institutes and visa offices for complete guidance and assistance you can get in touch with us

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Writing SOP or Statement of Purpose can be intimidating when you don’t have enough clarity to write one, sample sop for Canada student visa can give you a basic overview what all usually mentioned in the document. sample sop for Canada study permit can give you a feeler on probably how to write your own sop when you are planning to study abroad or applying for a Canadian college, sample of sop for Canada student visa, or Canada sample sop helps you understand the basic structure of the sop, what it should include, what it should not include, however, this doesn’t guarantee or assure you of the outcomes as this piece of sample is only meant for reference not copying.

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