PTE Academic

What is PTE Academic?
PTE Academic is a leading language proficiency test.
What is the full form of PTE?
The full form of PTE is Pearson Test of English.
What kind of a test is PTE Academic?
PTE Academic is 100% computer-based English test.
Who should take this test?
Study Abroad Aspirants, Immigration aspirants usually take this test.
How much does this cost in India?
This costs Rs.13,300/- in India inclusive of all taxes.
PTE Academic test centers in India
PTE Academic has test centers in Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bengaluru, Cochin, Vijayawada, and many more locations, for a complete list click here.
What are the four reasons to choose PTE Academic?
  1. Results typically delivered in 48 hours.
  2. Widely accepted by universities, colleges, governments around the world.
  3. Schedule tests up to 24 hours in advance & 365 days a year.
  4. Uses AI, ML to assess the candidates, so, no scope for human errors.
Is there any video to understand this test fully?

Yes, please click here to learn more about PTE Academic in English.

And to learn the basics of the test in Telugu click here.


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Super Abroad has partner organization which is super scores which provides students best in class pte training in Hyderabad, the full form of PTE is Pearson Test of English, PTE Academic is valid for immigration to specific countries like UK, Australia, New Zealand as well it is accepted by thousands of universities across the globe. The test is by Pearson Inc which is the leading education provider internationally, the test has four modules that are PTE speaking, PTE writing, PTE reading and PTE listening, we have been conducting pte classes in Hyderabad for more than 7 years of now. We can also help you in scheduling or booking of pte exam, as we are PTE consultants in Hyderabad. The pte coaching that is conducted at our coaching center is highly popular and super-reliable, we are regarded as the best pte coaching in Hyderabad by the abroad education aspirants consistently. The PTE Coaching includes both theory and practical as well, the simulation model tests are highly beneficial when you are new to pte exam coaching. We have multiple pte training batches for the interested aspirants that are morning, late morning, evening and late evening batches. These multiple batches offer a great flexibility in terms of pte training. The pte scores are updated against IELTS Academic now 6 band equivalent pte score is 46, which was 50 before. Now IELTS 6.5 band equivalent pte score is 56, which was 58 before. For the Australia PR aspirants there should not be any challenge or modification in target score since these new pte score changes are only applicable IELTS Academic not IELTS general. Students are recommended to go through the respective university’s admission website pages to know the pte score requirement before starting the pte coaching, also check out the university that you are planning to apply accepts pre academic or not.

What is the structure of the pte academic?

 Speaking & Writing

(77-93 minutes)


(32-41 minutes)


(45-57 minutes)

Read aloud Reading & writing: Fill in the blanks Summarize spoken text
Repeat sentence ReadingFill in the blanks Multiple choice, multiple answer
Describe image Re-order paragraphs Fill in the blanks
Re-tell lecture Multiple choice, choose single answer Highlight correct summary
Answer short question Multiple choice, multiple answers Multiple choice, single answer
Summarize written text Select missing word
Essay (20 mins) Highlight incorrect words
Write from dictation
Total Duration of the Pearson Test OF English is 3 Hours

Who accepts PTE academic?

Click here to find out who accepts PTE.

Latest news on PTE academic

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PTE vs IELTS vs TOEFL Score comparison.

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