Study in USA / MS in US

4 Reasons to study in USA.

  • Home to prestigious institutes.
  • World Leaders in Technology.
  • Wide range of courses & scholarships.
  • Pro India Leadership & heaven for IT guys.

Best courses in USA

  • Computers, IT, Data Science, Cyber Security.
  • Construction, Civil, Architecture, Infra.
  • Management, MBA, IB, Marketing, Accounting
  • Life Sciences, Pharma, Clinical Sciences.

Popular degrees in USA

MS in US, BS in US, Ph.D., MBA, etc

Intakes USA

Aug- Sep | Dec-Jan | Apr | May

Study in USA process

  • Take the exams : IELTS/ PTE/ GRE / GMAT, TOEFL
  • Shortlist : University and Course
  • Get offer letters.
  • Accept them and pay the required fee.
  • Get all the documents.
  • Book visa interview
  • Clear the interview
  • Head to study in USA

Study in USA / MS in US downloads

Sample SOP, Sample LOR, Sample Interview Questions

Top universities in USA

  • Stanford University.
  • Stanford University.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Cornell University.
  • Yale University.

Our students are studying at!!

What is the monthly expenditure?

  • Accommodation approx. 200 USD
  • Groceries approx. 150 USD
  • International Calling cards: approx. 15 USD
  • Travelling expenses : approx. 100 USD
  • Other expenses: approx. 100 USD
  • Total: 565 USD.

How many years can I stay?

With student visa 5 Years, 2 Years Study + 3 years PSW.

USA In numbers

  • ^Population: 328,239,523.
  • ^GDP: 22.321 trillion USD.
  • ^Calling code :+1.
  • ^Human development index Rank:15.
  • ^Per Capita income : 67,426 USD.

Job market in USA

Sectors: Information Technology, Mining & Logging, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Warehousing, Financial Activities, Professional & business services, Private Education & health services, leisure and hospitality, Government, Packaging.

Eligibility test training USA.


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Study in USA FAQs

When should I start my visa process ?
Students can start the visa Process before 6 to 7 Months of Intake start.
What is CPT in the USA ?
It stands for Curricular Practical Training. Students participating in a curricular practical training program may accept employment in the form of internships, cooperative study, work/study programs, or practicum.
After getting visa, how many days in advance can I go to USA?
After getting a visa students can fly to USA before 1 month of the starting date of university.
How much is USA Visa fee ?
You have to pay Visa $ 160
Where can I apply for USA visa in India?

You can apply at

  1. Hyderabad
  2. Chennai 
  3. Mumbai 
  4. Kolkata 
  5. New Delhi
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